December 27, 2012

Online Gambling Payment Processing

In recent years it has become extremely difficult for owners of online gambling sites to locate dependable and affordable credit card processing merchant accounts for online casino, online poker and other gambling websites.

As professionals we can provide gaming businesses with everything they need to accept online card payments including a payment gateway and an ‘eGaming Merchant Account’.

As specialists in this sector we can offer an “eGaming Merchant Account” for online businesses that offer the following:

  • Casinos Prize Draws or Similar*
  • Games of Skill*
  • Bookmakers
  • Internet Sportsbooks
  • Raffles
  • P2P Betting
  • Lotteries*
  • Forex*
  • Binary Options*
 * Additional acceptance criteria applies, please contact us further details.

Risk and the Online Gambling Industry:

There are many variables that can define the level of risk related to online gambling and gaming businesses. Processing service providers evaluate this type of business as high risk and charge higher rates and fees.

The greatest risk typically associated with online gambling is the ratio of charge backs by customers. If this amount exceeds the amount allowed by Visa and MasterCard, the processors will be hit with penalties. Processors therefore spread this risk to all merchants by requiring higher rates.

If your online gambling venture has a below average processing history it is still possible to be approved, but  expect to pay higher rates. For verification of processing history, the majority of processors usually require at least three to six  months of processing statements before they will consider reviewing an application.

We are able to offer programs to help reduce potential fraudulent practices as well as charge backs. Take advantage of these options if possible.

Payment processing is critical to any online casino business. As such it is most important that your payment processing is handled by an experienced firm interested in ensuring your payments are processed in a timely manner. The founding partner of Offshore Processing dot Com has over a decade of experience in offshore merchant accounts for online casinos and gambling. Whether you are just setting up your online casino or you are not currently happy with the services and rates from your current processor, we can help.

We are able to provide merchant accounts for credit card processing for online casino businesses. We are the foremost payment processing solutions provider for virtually any and every type of online gambling business.

Our services let you multiply your sales; accept credit cards, and e-checks; grow your business; and increase your profits. We provide a wide range of value-added and cost-effective products and services, including incorporation services, banking introductions and much more. Apply today and let us show you how much money we can save you on your monthly processing costs.

In addition we also offer a variety of alternative payment methods to make sure that your online gambling or eGaming business venture can be even more profitable.


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