June 7, 2016


Obtaining a simple Corporate Business Bank Account for any kind of Online Gaming (Online Gambling) Business is an extremely difficult task.

Most banks do not want to have clients in their portfolio of business engaged in what shareholders may interpret as unethical activity, which some view gambling as.

As professionals in the field since 1998 we have agreements with a variety of banks for specifically this purpose. These banks are great choices when it comes to safe and secure offshore banking for legitimate, licensed online gambling operators.

Our partner banks allow the use of these eGaming Business Bank Accounts especially for Online Gambling Business customers enabling them to receive their credit card settlements, E-Wallet settlements and pay their employees.

Features of the Online Gambling Business Bank Account:

  • Multi-Currency (GBP or EUR *note USD is not permitted)
  • Online Banking Access : Enabling you to send orders to and retrieve bank statements from the bank over the Internet – 24 hours a day! Needless to say that all communications are fully encrypted with PGP before they are sent over the net.
  • An Available Offshore Debit Card: Withdraw your offshore funds from anywhere in the world where you see the Maestro or Cirrus sign, be it at Point of Sale Terminals or any of the 1,000,000+ ATMs. Click here for more information.

Take advantage of our experience and apply for your own Internet Gaming Bank Account now, our assistance (Approx 8 hours of work) in opening your Online Gaming (Online Gambling) Bank Account costs only US $2,690!!!

Contact Us to become a client and open your Online Gaming Business Bank Account Today!

Take advantage of our almost 20 years of experience and let us help you every step of the way.

Your business is important to us and we guarantee professional service.