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With hundreds of licenses approved across jurisdictions around the world, no one is better equipped to meet your licensing requirements.

Obtaining a Business Account for an Online Gaming Business is extremely difficult as most banks have policies against Online Gaming due to lack of experience and fear of perceived risk. Our agreements with several financial institutions allow us to open accounts for legitimate, licensed Online Gaming operators.


Originally founded in 1998 our dedicated team has specialized in Company Formation, Administration and Management Services with a special practice dedicated to Online Gaming in a variety of financial centers including but not limited to Antigua, BVI, Belize, Costa Rica, Curacao, Cyprus, Isle of Man, Malta, Nevis, UK and many others.

Gaming License Services

As professionals in the industry we have proudly served some of the oldest and most respected Online Gaming operators since 1998. Leverage our experience as a launchpad for your online gaming venture. We offer Online Gaming License Services in virtually all of todays most popular jurisdictions such as Costa Rica, Curaçao, Malta etc

Payment Services

As a leading services provider in the online gaming industry we offer our clients the most comprehensive selection of payment options available in the world today. Credit Card buy rates as low as 2.25%. Also offering a selection of alternate payment methods such as SKRILL, NETeller, PaySafeCard and many more options across the world.

We are the world's premier provider of online gaming licenses and professional services since 2010. We offer the most comprehensive options for corporate structures, Online Gaming Licenses, Acounts and Payment Processing solutions for operators of any size.

What we do

We provide direction for startups in the Online Gaming industry
Also offering Account, Corporate and Payment Services to established operators in need of reliable solutions
Our 3 Core Values Guarantee Professional Service:
  1. Develop & Maintain Authentic Relationships
  2. Operate With a High Level of Integrity
  3. Maintain a Friendly & Mutually Respectful Environment for all

Our organization aims to deliver and maintain “Best Business Practices” in a legally compliant environment with the mandate of best serving our client’s interests.

The Founder, Ron Mendelson, is a recognized expert in international financial services including but not limited to blockchain & decentralized ledgers, corporate structures, banking and payment processing. He has been quoted extensively in the press and consults with large multinational companies for their needs on an ongoing basis.

We are a small, boutique consultancy priding ourselves on offering Professional and Highly Personalized service, and as such we work with our professional partners in several business and financial centres ensuring a complete range of services is available to our clients.

Take advantage of a decade of our experience and let us help you every step of the way.

  • International Accounts

    An Offshore or International Account covers your international funds transfer and payment needs.

  • Tax-Efficient Corporate Services

    Offering the establishment and administration of companies in various jurisdictions around the world since 1998.

  • Online Gaming Licenses

    Since 2010 we have consulted and assisted with establishing Onlline Gaming enterprises in locations around the world.

  • Payment Services

    Our extensive network of banks and processors understand the real needs of Online Gaming Merchants. We facilitate safe, secure, payments at the best rates

Curaçao Gaming License

Simple application process. Online Gaming SubLicense issuance and setup in as little as 24-48 hours upon submission of all required compliance documents.

Online Gaming Licenses in Curacao have no classification on gaming business types — meaning your license will cover all casino games, sport betting, lotteries, poker, bingo, eSports, Daily Fantasy Sports, B2B and more!


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